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reports said the nsa had also tapped into google and yahoo! data centers, gaining access to information on hundreds of millions of users. the nsa denied those claims, but google and yahoo! were not satisfied and urged congress to take action. sweptane-strength winds across northern europe on monday, leaving a trail of destruction. at least 14 people were killed, seven in germany alone. it was the continent's worst storm in years. winds of up to 170 kilometers down trees and brought rail traffic to a standstill. in britain, hundreds of thousands were left without power. the storm also triggered a massive swell along the portuguese coast. brazilian -- this brazilian surfer rode what is thought to be the biggest wave ever, over 30 meters high. on monday, a car raced through a crowd of tourists in tian an men square, crashing and bursting into flames -- in tiananmen square, crashing and bursting into flames. all those in the car were killed. it was initially unclear how the car had gotten through the cordon. state television later said it was a terrorist attack carried out by members of chi
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Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2